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Natural ways to relieve joint pain

Posted by Margarita Ivaniuk on

Natural ways to relieve joint pain you need to try

by Margarita Ivaniuk

If you suffer from joint pain, consider trying natural ways to relieve joint pain described in this article.

A joint is the structure that connects different bones in your body.

For example, a knee joint, pretty self-explanatory, is located exactly where you think, where you knee is. It connects together you upper leg (this large bone is called femur), your lower leg (don’t be surprised as it consists of two bones – tibia and fibula) and your knee cap (called patellae). A knee joint allows you to sit, stand, walk and keep the three above-mentioned bones intact by preventing them from breaking apart when you walk or run. Thus, besides connecting those bones together, a knee joint also enables movements and contributes to stability and strength of those bones. Other 360 joints in your body have a similar function, although it may vary slightly depending on the location of a specific joint. Yes, the total number of joints in your body is similar to the number of days in a year - easy to remember.

A joint, in addition to bones, is also composed of soft and flexible tissue called cartilage and lubricating fluid called synovial fluid. The function of cartilage is to act as a shock absorber and as a cushion among bones while synovial fluid decreases friction among bones.

For various reasons cartilage in a knee joint might become smaller in size. Because of this, cartilage’s ability to absorb shock and be an effective cushion among bones decreases and your knee joint becomes inflamed - swollen, hot to the touch and painful.

No matter how old you are, cartilage deterioration and consequently pain in a knee joint is either due to a disease or an injury.

If you’re a healthy individual and recently sprained your joint, then this injury is a root cause of pain in your joint. On the other hand, disease is never a root cause of cartilage deterioration. If it is not due to injury, the real root cause of cartilage deterioration is poor diet, little or no exercise, medications or contaminated external environment - it is simply the body’s reaction to a bad treatment.  The body’s reaction to a bad treatment is precisely what disease is.

In case of a knee joint, one of the root causes could be a diet, specifically over-consumption of red meats. One of the body’s reaction to this, although not direct and not immediate, is a loss of cartilage. The loss of cartilage is a disease and was given a general term - arthritis. There are over a hundred types of arthritis, however the main types are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.  Although they vary, all three imply that one or more joints in your body is swollen, red and painful.

Joint pain due to injury disappears as soon as you recover from that injury. On the other hand, pain associated with arthritis means your body doesn’t like how you treat it and therefore takes longer to recover.

If your pain is due to arthritis, you heard it all a hundred times – eat more vegetables and fruits, avoid meats, exercise, limit medications and exposure to contaminants. Therefore, there is no reason to repeat it all over again. Of course, you need to follow these recommendations and let’s hope you already do that as it is the only sure way to prevent further cartilage deterioration and loss.

Regardless of root cause of your cartilage deterioration, whether it is due to a disease or injury, the damage is already there and must be treated. You can use the following methods to do it – all three are safe and effective.

  1. Shark cartilage. Although scientists didn’t take a close look at the ability of shark cartilage itself to ease joint pain, they analyzed the properties of chondroitin sulfate, its isolated component. In the study conducted in University Hospital Centre in Toulouse, one of the best French hospitals, 120 patients with joint pain took chondroitin sulfate every day for three months. At the end, they experienced more relief than the control group of individuals who didn’t take the supplement.

Researchers found that chondroitin sulfate acts by increasing the synthesis (or production) of chondrocytes, the cells that your cartilage is made of. It also diminishes shrinkage of chondrocytes and their death and therefore, as you might guess, slows down the degeneration of cartilage. Moreover, chondroitin sulfate acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent easing the pain. These qualities make chondroitin sulfate a “win-win” in taking care of your painful joint. Notice, chondroitin sulfate is naturally found not only in shark’s cartilage but in your cartilage as well!

From our shop, we recommend shark cartilage from a reputable and effective Bell brand – Shark Cartilage for Joint Support . It has one ingredient – shark cartilage from New Zealand waters. That is it. It is completely free of any harmful additives and non-irradiated. For those who love all animals, cartilage is simply a side product of food industry (yes, shark meat unfortunately is consumed in some countries) and therefore sharks are not killed for the sole purpose of cartilage extraction.

It is advised that you take 4 capsules with food 3 times per day. One bottle has 100 capsules so it will last you about eight days. However, to experience relief, minimum three weeks is needed, so you will you need three bottles. Shark Cartilage for Joint Support might be more expensive than other supplements, however it really does the job. Please surf the Internet for the supplement’s reviews to see how it has helped countless number of people with joint pain.

  1. Turmeric. You are probably aware of the fact that turmeric is one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory plants. Curcumin, the compound found it this yellow root, is precisely what gives turmeric its fame. Even eating a couple table spoons of turmeric powder won’t be enough to reach the effective dose of curcumin, therefore curcumin is isolated from turmeric. Bell’s Curcumin 2000X  is special because besides curcumin, the supplement also contains cayenne pepper, which increases the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000 times! In addition, capsaicin in cayenne pepper also soothes pain and due to this ability is used widely in sports medicine. Other ingredients in Curcumin 2000X are vitamin E and hawthorn berry extract. Again, like all Bell products, the supplement is chemical-free and irradiation-free.

You need to take only 1 capsule 3 times per day with food and therefore, the whole bottle with 90 capsules will last you a whole month.

  1. Green clay. Finally - a surprise, clay. Precisely green clay or as it commonly called French green clay. It is called “French” because originally this specific type of clay was founded only in southern France. However, now it is found in Montana and Wyoming of United States and China. You might know that any clay effectively absorbs toxins and maybe even used it on your facial skin. However, French green clay’s beneficial properties are not limited to ability to draw out toxins as found in it decomposed plant matter, such as kelp, has anti-inflammatory properties. By the way, because of its plant content, this clay looks green and is called green! Again, because of its plant content, when French green clay is applied topically it considerably decreases inflammation and consequently pain.

We recommend French Green Clay carried by a clean company called Harmonic Arts  situated in beautiful British Columbia (Canada). Obviously the clay is in its most natural state – nothing added.

To benefit from French green clay, apply a pad soaked in clay paste to the affected area. Leave it on for about one hour or before a pad dries out, whichever comes first. For extreme pain, do 3 applications per day for two months or until the pain subsides.

Let’s hope you will put to practice at least one of the above-mentioned ways to relief joint pain naturally and experience good results from it. Health to you!


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