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BC Bud Rub 15ml or 100ml size, , Health and Beauty, BC Bud Rub Farend Enterprises, Brentwood Health and Wellness

BC Bud Rub 15ml or 100ml size

BC Bud Rub Farend Enterprises

  • $9.99

The combination of the anti-inflammatory and nutritional healing properties of the ingredients found in hemp seed oil account for much of this usage.  Another reason the Rub works so well for these people is the presence of essential oils, one of which is hemp essential oil.  Combined with Rosemary and Bergamot the three essential oils impart an analgesic quality. The entire package is prepared with Beeswax to give the salve its texture and consistency.  Finally, the Rub contains DMSO, added to enhance the penetration of the healing ingredients to deeper tissues that often have poor circulation and receive less healing.

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