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Prairie Naturals Vitamin D3 1000IU per Drop - Liquid - 15 ml, , Vitamins and Supplements, Prairie Naturals, Brentwood Health and Wellness

Prairie Naturals Vitamin D3 1000IU per Drop - Liquid - 15 ml

Prairie Naturals

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Vitamin D3 Liquid

• Organic & extra virgin olive oil base!
• Vitamin D3 form for best absorption
• Helps strengthen bones
• Protects against dementia
• Prevents depression
• Fights some cancers
• May prevent & improve MS symptoms
• Deficiency is common in Canada!

Vitamin D3 Liquid

Prairie Naturals Vitamin D3 is NOW in LIQUID DROPS in a Base of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! As a fat soluble vitamin, Vitamin D3 is best absorbed in a natural food oil base. Prairie Naturals has selected the finest organic and virgin cold-pressed olive oil as the oil base in our newest Vitamin D3 Drops supplement. Because Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is more potent and readily utilized by the body, it is the preferred form recommended by nutritional researchers and physicians.

This new, easy-to-use dosage form in drops is also ideal for topical (applied to skin) application. Topical use of Vitamin D oil is recommended for a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis and skin aging due to overexposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D3 – Cancer Prevention & So Much More
Are you getting enough Vitamin D? Summer or winter, our need for Vitamin D is often far greater than we are getting. Researchers now know that previous recommendations for optimal levels of Vitamin D were much too low! Vitamin D not only helps strengthen bones; Vitamin D also protects against dementia, depression, diabetes, obesity, certain cancers and MS. Prairie Naturals Vitamin D3 is made with cholecalciferol, the most readily absorbed form. Be sure you get enough of this low-cost, highly valuable vitamin. You’ll soon feel the difference that Vitamin D makes to your health and happiness.

Prevent Drug-Induced Vitamin D Deficiency
Medications that can lower Vitamin D levels in the body include*: antacids, anti-seizure medications, bile acid sequestrants (to lower cholesterol), mineral oil, Orlistat (for weight loss), H2 blockers and proton pump inhibitors (to reduce stomach acid).

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