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Chaga Mountain Tea

Allure Imports

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Wild Harvest Chaga Mushroom Products for your holistic life style!

Chaga Mushroom is not only the "King of Mushrooms" it is the "King of Natural Foods"!

Brewing Instructions

Step 1. Bring desired cups of fresh, filtered water to a boil in pan or teapot.

Step 2. Use one teaspoonful of Chaga Mountain Powdered Tea for each cup of water, using tea infuser, tea ball, or natural tea bag.

Step 3. Place tea infuser, tea ball, or natural tea bag into boiling teapot and let steep 10 - 20 minutes or more depending on your preference - the longer it steeps the stronger it will be.

Step 4. Pour Chaga Mountain Tea in your favorite cup, drink and enjoy!

Our Chaga Mushrooms are 100% pure. We wild harvest our Chaga Mushrooms fresh from the remote wilderness mountains of Western Maine. We carefully handpick each one, selecting our Chaga Mushrooms from only birch trees.

Freshness and purity is 100% guaranteed always!

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