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Flor-essence Herbal Tea 500 ml or 941ml, , Vitamins and Supplements, Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd., Brentwood Health and Wellness

Flor-essence Herbal Cleanse 500 ml or 941ml

Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd.

  • $34.99

A combination of seven herbs, designed to work synergistically to Cleanse, Stimulate and Strengthen the whole body. Perfectly safe with no adverse side-effects, Flor-Essence gently flushes accumulated toxins from the body and promotes cellular renewal, leaving you feeling alive and rejuvenated. Flor-Essence Herbal Tea Blend is a potent immune system enhancer, and is ideal for those desiring protection from an unhealthy environment, or those wishing to insure optimal health thorough waste elimination and cellular regeneration - in convenient liquid form.

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