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Harmonic Arts Fennel Seed 50 ml, , Foods and Grains, Harmonic Arts, Brentwood Health and Wellness

Harmonic Arts Fennel Seed 50 ml

Harmonic Arts

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Harmonic Arts Fennel Seed 50 ml


  • You can take fennel for coughs, intestinal gas and water retention
  • Fennel is a perennial plant that is considered indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean. It is one of the few plants that have a vegetable, herb, and spice component. The seed contains the volatile oil anethole, which is the same compound that gives anise its sweet licorice flavour. It also contains many other constituents, such as phytoestrogens. Fennel is also a powerful antioxidant.



Organic cane alcohol (50%), distilled water, organic fennel seed


Suggested use:

20-30 drops, 2-3 times daily with water




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