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Alterra Bronkotux 60


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BRONKOTUX acute chronic bronchitis, asthma and asthmatic bronchitis

BRONKOTUX is designed to thin bronchial secretions, drain the lungs, soothe irritated mucous membranes, promote productive cough to expel secretions, control excessive coughing and rid the body of the last vestiges of tobacco. BRONKOTUX helps to prevent pulmonary complications of influenza and seasonal illnesses ENT, in addition to being useful in cases of emphysema and bronchiectasis. All of its components restores the flow of bronchial mucus needed for sputum. The epithelium of the bronchi regain its ability to secrete a protective mucus over impeding normal movements ciliary vibration treatment. Thus, the regeneration process of the lining of the lungs and bronchi can engage.

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