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Heaven Fresh HF-507 Aroma Luxury Showerhead with Vitamin C and Negative Ions Handheld, , House and Home, Heaven Fresh Canada Inc., Brentwood Health and Wellness

Heaven Fresh HF-507 Aroma Luxury Showerhead with Vitamin C and Negative Ions Handheld

Heaven Fresh Canada Inc.

  • $74.99

Revive your bathroom with this elegant and modern style showerhead from Heaven Fresh with health giving qualities. It helps you enjoy an aroma spa and fine mist shower right from your home. It's durability is achieved by chrome plating on top of highest quality ABS material.

  • Removes 98% chlorine from tap water.
  • Adds over 400,000 negative ions per cm³.
  • Adds Vitamin C equivalent to 3,000 lemons .
  • Comes with aroma-vita gel filter that lasts up to 6,000 litres.
  • Ceramic plate makes water molecular cluster extremely small for easy absorption into skin.
  • Non-woven filter helps remove dirt, rust and floating particles.
  • Provides optimized water pressure about 1.5 times more than regular showerheads.
  • Easy to install.
  • Anti-Oxidant

    Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant has a function of strong cleanser.

    Protecting skin

    Vitamin C in form of ascorbic protects from UVB through controlling the amount of melanin.

    Accelerating creation of Collagen

    Vitamin Cin form of ascorbic accelerates creation of COLLAGEN which helps skin more elastic.

    Accelerating restoration of cells

    Vitamin C as a mutual factor stimulates receptors and makes number of growth factors adhered to individual cell so that cells can be more active.SPECIFICATIONS

    • Showerhead Diameter: 4.61 inches ( 11.7 cm )
    • Weight: 0.80lb ( 360.0 g )
    • Refill Filter: Lemon, lavender
    • Water purifying quantity: 6,000 L

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