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Kombucha Starter KIt

Brentwood Health and Wellness

  • $48.99

Kombucha Tea 1 Gallon Kit (No Kombucha Scoby Culture)

Comes With Jar, Starter Fluid, Organic Sugar & Tea + More!

Everything You Need to Brew Premium & Organic Kombucha Tea In Your Own Home

Save Hundreds of Dollars vs. Buying Pre-bottled Kombucha

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BREW KOMBUCHA MINUS SCOBY CULTURE - pre-measured tea bag, pre-measured organic cane sugar, 1 gallon jar, CHINA GLASS MARKER, funnel, strainer, cotton cloth cover WITH ELASTIC, elastic, jar lid, LCD thermometer, spoon, straw and gloves
  • PREMIUM, ORGANIC KOMBUCHA - Grown with organic cane sugar, Shanti organic teas, and filtered water
  • SUSTAINABLE - Kit can be used indefinitely with proper care. Easily storable while you take a break or go on vacation.
  • INCLUDES STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS - Your first batch is super easy with our 5 steps and pre-measured ingredients. 

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