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Lavigne Le Masque Detoxify and Nourish, Health and Beauty, Lavigne Organic Skincare (2010) Inc - Brentwood Health and Wellness

Lavigne Le Masque Detoxify and Nourish

Lavigne Organic Skincare (2010) Inc

  • $31.99

Le Masque is a powerful all-in-one treatment for those who experience congested pores, dull-looking skin or need a clarifying treatment. French Green Clay is rich in a variety of minerals and it possesses an extraordinary capacity to cleanse dirt and absorb sebum in the skin. Natural skin conditioners, Jojoba and Argan oils, create the ideal environment for elevated skin elasticity, as nourishing Omega-6 fatty acid, Vitamins A and E pamper and boost suppleness resulting in a more radiant

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