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Mission Falls Ionic Silver 100ml Spray, , Vitamins and Supplements, Mission Falls Ionic Silver, Brentwood Health and Wellness

Mission Falls Ionic Silver 100ml Spray

Mission Falls Ionic Silver

  • $12.99

Mission Falls Io 60mlnic Silver Solution comes in the form of Ionized Silver in a base of purified water. This water is tested regularly and we receive reports stating the levels of dissolved solids to make sure they are within our specifications. This means that each and every teaspoon you ingest will deliver millions of silver ions to all of your blood cells, and it’s so small that it will be able to enter the cell and safely kill anything that is infecting it.

In addition to our water reports, we have stringent testing protocols in place, with five separate silver level analyzers, and we regularly submit our product for analysis – this ensures that you get only the best quality for your money

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