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Nature's Way Aloelax 100 capsules

Nature's Way

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Nature's Way Aloelax 100 capsules


Nature's Way Aloelax is a gentle laxative formulated with aloe vera, casanthranol, buckthorn bark, and fennel seed. Nature's Way Aloelax is made with the best ingredients including: Aloe Vera (latex, leaf), fennel seed, and plant-derived cellulose. Aloelax from Nature's Way is commonly used for constipation and as a colon cleanser.


  •    Rich source of nutrients
  •    Digestive Aid
  •    Constipation Support
  •    With Fennel seed 
  •    Easy to swallow Vcaps



Aloe ferox (latex), Fennel (seed)

Other ingredients: Plant-derived capsule


Suggested use:

Take at bedtime as needed with a full glass of water. Allow 6-12 hours for laxative to take effect


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