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Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Bone Solution 1:1  500ml, Vitamins and Supplements, Prairie Naturals - Brentwood Health and Wellness

Prairie Naturals Ionic Liquid Bone Solution 1:1 500ml

Prairie Naturals

  • $33.99

Prairie Naturals BONE 1:1 SOLUTION - A unique formula that combines calcium, magnesium, boron and vitamin D all in one great tasting liquid. Bone solution contains 100% absorbing ionic forms of calcium and magnesium plus emulsified vitamin D. Adequate intake of calcium is critical in maintaining optimum bone density. Magnesium and vitamin D are essential for absorption of calcium. Together these nutrients may provide your body with what it needs to help prevent osteoporosis. Bone solution is also beneficial for those who suffer from nervous system disorders, insomnia, and muscle cramping.


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