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Renewal Wellness Pure Ionics CalMag Liquid 480ml Bottle, , Vitamins and Supplements, Renewal Wellness, Brentwood Health and Wellness

Renewal Wellness Pure Ionics CalMag Liquid 480ml Bottle

Renewal Wellness

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It doesn't matter what we take in; it only matters what makes it into our cells. Our ionic minerals are individual elements with an electrical charge in a liquid medium-in this case purified water.

When consumed in a water base, minerals are readily absorbable into living tissues of both plants and animals. Also, in their ionic form, the body has to do virtually nothing to process or break down these elements to prepare them for absorption.

Ionic minerals are in the form required for uptake by the carrier proteins that reside in the intestinal wall: this is why they pack such a punch. A pH balanced body makes this absorption even better (add OCEANS PURE® 100% Natural Sea Kelp to your day to help balance pH)

With 1000IU of Vitamin D added to the product, our ionic Calcium Magnesium is an all-in-one calcium uptake supplement.

Calcium is a vital mineral for our body’s, helping to:

Protect against colon (reduces risk of adenomas) and breast cancer

Form stronger teeth and gums

Maintain optimal body weight (balances parathyroid hormone release)

Promote cardiac muscles to contract and relax properly

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